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In the constant race to become a cleaner, greener society, it is no longer enough to be aware of the issues regarding recycling of plastic waste, we are all now charged with doing something about it. However, simply removing waste plastic for recycling is only the job part done - there is also a legal responsibility for keeping track of the waste, ie knowing where it goes, what happens to it, and where it ends up.

At Polygon Recycling, we offer a comprehensive waste soft plastics removal service; whilst working closely with major recycling companies who manufacture genuine products from post-use waste* and who can provide a complete audit trail of the recycling process and waste movements.


*Post-use waste explained

"Material collected from outside the individual
manufacturing industry after it has been used for its
primary purpose. This can include material from
agricultural use, commercial, industrial, retailing,
distribution and domestic outlets, but in all cases the
material will have been used for the purpose for which it
was manufactured." (British Polythene Industries 1994)

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